Thursday, March 20, 2008

Temporary Freedom for T.I.

A judge will allow T.I. to enjoy a whiff of non-air conditioned stratosphere this Sunday. The fallen rapper will attend an Easter service at the Georgia Dome sponsored by mega church New Birth Missionary Baptist, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

I'm sorry, but I think this is a ploy for homedude to get some press. Like, for real, does T.I. even go to church? Does he even belong to New Birth? I ain't eva heard not one person say they went to New Birth and seen any other King in there but Jesus Christ. I dare someone to ask dude to quote a scripture. I put five on it he'll be lost for words. Jesus can't help you now muda fuckaaaa!

Sadly, I'm sure a number of waynehead babies are going to make their way to the Dome anticipating a T.I. concert...not even dressed for a service. Damn shame.

Maybe T.I. will perform "Prayin' for Help"?

Or maybe he can get one of his Grand Hustle goons to kidnap all of the judges in Atlanta, drug them and threaten to kill them if they incarcerate T.I.P? But knowing T.I., he'll want to kidnap someone his own damn self. Dude will never learn. I'm done.


JH said...

*shaking my head* .... just a shame ...

Akinol said...

See here or here