Monday, March 17, 2008

Beyonce v. Chante Moore

Y'all know I love my comparisons. Clearly B wasn't the first creole lookin' honey haired chick to hit the block. Remember the Isley Bros. "Contagious"? While Chante's popularity ain't where it used to be--and Beyonce is filling stadiums all over the world--you can catch Chante and cutie hubby Kenny Lattimore performing at like...any gala having to do with bourgeois blackness. We loves us some Chante/Kenny.

Both sexy posing for the press.
Now if only Jay-Z was sexy like Kenny Lattimore. Good lord.

Similar album covers.
Shimmy in the yellow.


John said...

why u got to hate on Jay-Z's looks? He didnt choose to lok the way he did? Why punish him for something that's beyond his control?

CJ said...

LOL at this post . .. and John's reply. Rebuttal Brown?

sierra said...


Who is punishing him? I'll give J/B cred for being a power cuple, but I gotta show love to that fine man that is Kenny Lattimore. Nothing fresher than an equally attractive couple. Gotta love that!

autumnwispers said...

Agreed! Jay is just not on B's level

april said...

they could ass for sisters

april said...

i mean pass for sisters