Monday, March 17, 2008

"I Know"...Introducing Zoe Kravitz

Hey y'all, it's been a minute since my last post, but I was on Spring Break and you know how that goes. What happens in Miami stays in Miami, hee hee. Shout out to chicks who don't like to start drama.

Now onto my post.

I first peeped Zoe back in '90-something when Papa Lenny told her to go to bed while accepting an award at the MTV VMA's. Don't ask why I remembered that. I just knew I wanted to be friends with whoever this Zoe chick was.

Lest to say, homie Zoe has grown up to be quite the celebutante and as of recent, has become the semi-black addition to the It Click. Besides that, she's the only bi-racial and bi-racial chick I know...and that's just hot. But why Jay-Z thought it a good idea to base his "I Know" video around Zoe is beyond me. Makes no sense. It's almost as bad as Kanye's "Flashing [Psycho B] Lights" video. I mean, I know she's half black but does chick have any hood sensibilities to kick it with the Jigga Man? I'm not convinced. Someone needs to bring Zoe to Marcy Projects and see if she can hold her own. I don't think boytoy Ben Foster will be there to grease that pretty face when ish goes south. Lol.


Buster and Lucious would prob do some better as* kicking.

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