Monday, October 29, 2007

A Brief Homecoming Recap

So...I've been quite the busy bee over the past few weeks. Homecoming, PRSSA, HU, NY. Somewhere this month I am going to manage to do some school work. It's crunch time. Anyhoo, SpelHouse homecoming was cool. Special shout outs to all my girls on P.U.L.S.E., the campus organization that puts together homecoming on Spelmans end. Word is J.Holiday killed it at the R&B concert. Altough Weezy's performance was up to standard, he took way too long to come out. The fashion show/concert mélange was not a good look. I thought his performance would be during the fashion show, not after. And the underfilled audience proved that ain't nobody trying to pay 40 Ds to see Wayne and some Cash Money randoms. Somebody else gotta share the bill, too. Other homecoming happenings included a "Tiger Talks" panel featuring Morehouse '96 alum Farnsworth Bentley. Would you believe he was a bio major. Basically he said to work hard for whatever you want. Here's the career it sees Mr. Bentley is working on:



I imagine it won't take him too long to discover that driving around an old white lady has the ultimate benefits. Career checkmate?

Oh, and is he a MIAKA on the low low? I see he got that lean. I'm just sayin.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Scarface Effect

I think some men just take Scarface too far. T.I., I'm talkin' to your automatic machine gun and silencer purchasing self. Homie, it's a movie. And Tony M. dies in the end. I'll have more on this a little later, I have to catch a flight.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ciara v. Saleisha from ANTM

Now if only Ciara could just loosen up. Loves the girl, but sometimes she looks a little...stiff. Work it out!
And Ciara v. Ciara
So when fans give you mess like this, what are you supposed to say? It looks just like me?! Lol.

Notes on the BET Hip Hop Awards and Shame on the Jena 6 (some of them)

Jesse, Al, come getcha boys!

Hopefully all of y'all caught the BET Hip Hop Awards last night. Trust, it was much better live than what it looked like on TV. Anyway, there were a few things that bothered me about the show, but none more than when Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones took the stage to present the Video of the Year award. One of them said he wanted to "thank the fans" for their support of the "Jena 6." Umm...since when do these dudes have fans? They're wilin! I was first disturbed by Mr. Purvis when I saw him at the rally in Jena. He just looked too excited. He was walking around shaking hands, taking pictures and signing autographs. Where is the humility? The "Jena 6" situation is no laughing matter and what these young men did isn't something most people commend. I think most were protesting the continued injustice of black men in the judicial system. Someones mama needs to step in before theses dudes become regulars on Ocean Avenue and the Playboy Mansion. Sadness.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't Forget to Watch the BET Hip Hop Awards

On Tonight. 8 p.m. est. Only on BET

(loves that Asianess on the bottom. We world wide, baby!)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not You Rich Boy!

Celebrities are some funny people. Now I know some of y'all want to be friendly with the fans, or think everyone is looking at you, trying to take a picture of you, get at you, et al, but that is not always the case. Case in point: I saw one of my girls from Spelman standing on the other side of the red carpet. Now, I can't get all buck wild and start screaming her name, so I start waving and making faces to grab her attention. Outta nowhere, Rich Boy walks up to me and shakes my hand and was like, "You wavin' at me?" I was like, "Uhh, no, ummm, I was waving at my friend over there." He looked real dumb. Lol. Not to mention, his credentials or something wasn't straight so he wound up standing next to the red carpet for a good 20 minutes before he could get in. Funny times. It's okay, Rich Boy. It's okay.

Fun Times at the BET Hip Hop Awards

I'm going to have to finish up this post a little later (I have a meeting to run to), but here's a little juice from the BET Hip Hop Awards. Firstly, so much production goes into an award show. I had no idea what really goes down behind the scenes. Since I missed the press deadline and didn't win tickets at the Hip Hop v. America showing and discussion (damn), I put myself down to be a talent escort. If you don't know what that means, basically, it's following around x celebrity through out their rehearsals and the show. I had to hold down Busta. Now, since I was "working" I won't divulge too much info, but aside from not liking his dressing room, which looked like an asbestos lead filled public elementary school bathroom with a cupboard in it (and smelt like ish, too), Busta was pretty cool.

Stay tuned...

Hurricane Chris v. Da Brat

This dude was all over the BET Hip Hop Awards. He looks like an extra thugged out, tryna catch some chicks at the club version of the Da Brat. I guess I could just say he looks like Da Brat. Lol.

Friday, October 12, 2007

BET Hip Hop Awards

Hey y'all, I'm assisting with BET Hip Hop Awards rehearsals, so I gotta skedaddle. I'll update tonight with some funny stuff. Make sure to come back.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Shoes that I Love

Sorry for all the shoe posts. This is what I do when I have two midterms hanging over my head. They'll feel more like nooses in a few days, I'm sure :(.

typeZ "chime" black
I saw these hotties while perusing DSW a few weeks back. Aren't they cute? Love the banana heel. They don't seem as pointy in reality.

These Jonathan Kelsey heels are just sexy, as they should be at $675!
P.S. I wear a 9.5 in case any of y'all just wanna buy me a pair of shoes. Cuz clearly, I can't afford 'em. One day...

Ode to Dolce

Okay, I know I put up a post the other day with the pump version of the left boot, but these footsies are just so gorgeous that I had to post them. For the chicks out there who can afford them, I so envy you right now. Maybe I can find 'em on eBay...eventually. In the meantime, I will be scouring thrift shops around Atlanta to find a vintage something that looks similar. (Click here for right boot.)

Louboutin Meets the 'Hood

Now you know these shoes are just WRONG. Christian Louboutin decided to get gully with these graffiti adorned signature platform stilettos for one of his new collections. Sorry, but I didn't know top designers were taking notes in Rainbow. These shoes are unforgivable, especially for the $895 price tag. Maybe someone can buy these for Lil Mama; Her first pair of shoes without a tongue. Too bad she wouldn't know whether to put the heels in her mouth or on her feet.

I hang my head low.

Stop the Coonery!

Do you see anything different about these shoes? I don't. I'm so tired of seeing grown men walk around in clown shoes. Someone please stop the coonery. Don't mar your shoe game with taxi cab yellow and candy apple patent leather combos.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The AUC at CBC: A Look Back at the Congressional Black Caucus

I often complain about going to Spelman, but when I see my sisters and brothers from the Atlanta University Center in leadership roles, making inspiring commentary and championing a cause, I can’t help but feel blessed to be in such a brilliant institution and surrounded daily by such amazing people.

DC was all a buzz as leaders from all over the country, including many AUC graduates, who held it down at the Congressional Black Caucus’ 37th Annual Legislative Conference. Under the theme "Unleashing Our Power," the ALC stood to promote positive change in the African American community. It also emphasized the importance of making prompt change to prepare African Americans for future advancements.

This year, the caucus had numerous brain trusts focusing on hip hop and its influence in the community. Intellectuals such as Michael Eric Dyson and James Peterson; Hip Hop social activists Benjamin Chavis and Valeisha Butterfield, and Democratic presidential nominees Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all made an appearance.

Many of the hip hop themed panels seeked to foster a deeper understanding of hip hops roots and destination, using it as a means for positive change.

Valeisha Butterfield, CAU C’00, executive director of Russell Simmons’ Hip Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) sat on a number of panels confronting hip hop and its often misogynistic undertones. "It's important, especially as women executives, to take an active role in the way we're portrayed,” she said. “HSAN encourages women, and all people who support women, to join us to help create balance and give people options that are more positive choices to make when it comes to there selection of music in our society and the way we are portrayed."

I hear you Ms. Butterfield. Now I hope you were having those conversations with The Game while y’all were engaged. I’m just sayin'.

Asha Jennings, a former Spelman student who was integral in initiating the “Nelly Protest” also spoke on numerous panels. She insisted that students take the lead when they see something that negatively affects their community. "Campus activism has the power to bring change. It leads you into arenas were you can have discussions and put your knowledge in some kind of practical effect,” she said.

Ms. Jennings just finished law school and is back in the A. Go Asha!

Beverly Daniel Tatum, President of Spelman College, also encouraged undergraduate political involvement and protest. "Student activism is important because change is made by people. And students need to understand their own capacity for making change. Each of us has the opportunity to make a difference, but we have to be informed,” she said. She continued to add that attendance at the ALC is important for those who want to remain abreast with current legislative discussion. “"I'm here because I want to be informed [and secondly,] it's a great opportunity for me to meet with my congressional representatives and to talk to them about the needs of Spelman College and the in which they can be helpful.”

I love her.

But perhaps the most compelling AUCers were the Men of Morehouse. The popular "Making Education a Priority Again Among Black Males" discussion hosted a number of Morehouse former and present students. The schools current President, Robert M. Franklin, political activist Jesse Jackson, and others sat on the panel. "Leadership is in the room. It facilitates the mission of Morehouse and all HBCUs,” Franklin said. He also said that improved marketing strategies and incentives are desperately needed to encourage black males to continue their education. He also added that incarceration should not mean the end of ones access to education. "The prison can be the new incubator to turn around the toughest boys in the 'hood,"’ he said.

Many Morehouse students turned up for the discussion. "I came with the national Black College Alliance," said Omar Mohamed Abdillahi, C'09, who came to the caucus with a sizable group of current Morehouse students. Abdillahi added that he was eager to see Sen. Barack Obama. "There are such brilliant black men. I see black leaders every day," he said in contrast to comments one audience member made.

Ronald Holmes, Jr., C'07 and current staff assistant to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) also had positive remarks about the panel. "It's very good to see not only men of Morehouse, but the state of black America take part in the processes that affect their day to day lives."

I love me some Morehouse Men, even the ones I question (you know what I mean).

Wakin' up Angry/ Tamia I Love

Ever have a day where you just wake up mad? I was so upset that I could barely eat my omelet. If you know me personally, you can ask me why. I'm hoping that as the day goes on I'll feel better. So on to some more positive news. My fellow freckle faced fem is a mommy yet again. Congraz Tamia (and Grant). She has an ethereal beauty that separates her from other singers out there. Here's a few pics of my girl, just so y'all don't forget.

What Chrisette Michelle might look like on a VERY good day.

I see you Chrissie.

And more Tamia...

Gotta love her!

Monday, October 08, 2007

What Someone Learned Today.

Just leave it alone, playa.

Is That You, Thandie?

Pre-bobble head. Her ta-ta's are long gone.

Kanye West - Good Life

Watch this video after the one below.

Kanye vs. Justice


Kanye’s a Funny Dude. (Compare and Contrast)

First Daft Punk, now this?

Okay, Imma put y’all on to the euro mix for a minute. I’m a huge electro/house/dance fan and I really think Americans should get with it (I’m not going to hold my breath on that, but still). I’m much happier twirling in circles than doing anything related to Soulja Boy. That said, I often check YouTube for the latest in dance remixes, etc.

Lookie, lookie what I found.

Y’all remember last year when Kanye got all pissy that he lost the European MTV music video award for “video of the year” to the French electro producer duo Justice for their video “We Are Your Friends” (one of my fav songs, check it out)? Maybe y’all don’t remember the second part, but you do remember him having his usual award show tantrum, right? Yezzie claimed he had never seen their video...yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. Well, I guess he saw their new video, “D.A.N.C.E.,” (click for a hotter remix) because he clearly coped their directors, Jonas + Francois for his “Good Life” video. You'sa a funny dude, Kanye. Check the similarities. We just don’t be knowin’ about these things in America. GOOOSSH!!!

Black and White Look Alikes!!!

I know it’s hard for some of y’all to see past the color lines, but these chicks really do look alike. Take a close look.

Star Jones v. Nicole Richie

Surely no twenty-something knocked up former drug addict Richie rich (literally) girl wants to be compared to [gasp] Star Jones (who I, by the way, think is awesome). But let’s face it, somebody resembles somebody and the likeness should be noted. Now, we know Richie’s passing black arse ain’t really anglo, but for the sake of the black/white comparison, we’ll let her be that Caucasianite she longs to be.

Similar facial features.

Both love the pups.

Both cuddle with their boos (current or former).

Both look odd in bathing attire.

The cheek bones, the eyes…the face. Star’s had had a little more wear and tear over the years, and after deflating by oh, 1,000 pounds, ish got a little loose. But post baby, Rich might catch up.
Question: If NicRich's baby’s hair has even the slightest bit of nap, ya think she'll will give it a relaxer? Just a thought.

Linger in all your high yellowness Ms. Rich, us black folk can smell you from a mile away.
I'm just saying.
On to our are next twosome.
Thandie Newton v. Mischa Barf-ton

Both these ladies are ridiculously attractive, although one of them I can't stand and for deep, long-standing, thinking back to first grade reasons. But anyway, chicks do look alike.

Killer red carpet looks.

Both could stand to eat a thing or two.

Both have great hair.
Let me know if you think of anyone else.