Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wakin' up Angry/ Tamia I Love

Ever have a day where you just wake up mad? I was so upset that I could barely eat my omelet. If you know me personally, you can ask me why. I'm hoping that as the day goes on I'll feel better. So on to some more positive news. My fellow freckle faced fem is a mommy yet again. Congraz Tamia (and Grant). She has an ethereal beauty that separates her from other singers out there. Here's a few pics of my girl, just so y'all don't forget.

What Chrisette Michelle might look like on a VERY good day.

I see you Chrissie.

And more Tamia...

Gotta love her!


ash said...

i love tamia...and since you resemble her, that's one of the reasons why i love u too girl! kill em with the freckles!

ash said...

i'm feelin chrissette too...gotta her CD.