Monday, March 30, 2009

Harlem Heights Look Alikes Briana Bigham v. Pam Grier and Brooke Crittendon v. Keri Hilson

Once again I'm saying this is NOT a Harlem Heights blog, but I can't help but talk about these people. These comparisons are about as simple as the show. Tell me what you think:

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency-- Top Rated

Last night I watched the premiere of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, not once, but twice. Jill Scott's portrayal of Precious Ramotswe is dead on; she is determined, unapologetic and warm all at once. Anika Noni Rose, however, could tone down secretary Mma Makutsi. She's ambitious, but perhaps overacted. Somehow I think she'll settle perfectly into the character as the season continues. Overall, I'm really proud of Ladies, and HBO for showing Botswana (and Africa) as something majestic, human and likable. Preach on.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keri Keri Quite Contrary

I calendared in the Keri Hilson album release party for the 27, but really it was last night at the Pink Elephant on 27th street. **Doe**. Renita text me around 11 to ask if I was inside the venue--I was in my bed. According to all accounts, the place was jam packed inside, and if you didn't hold any weight at the door, it was best to step off. be like that sometimes. This is one event I'm glad I did not attempt.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ms. Shannel (RuPaul's Drag Race) v. Fergie

I think it's the eyes, heavy makeup and arched eyebrows that make Ms. Shannel, drag queen Goddess, look just like Fergie. MAC should do tag-team ads with these two. Fierce and Faboosh.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Buy Me: Pierre Harvy Sandals

Scuba Platform Slingback


I'm loving this Pierre Harvy sandals, both available at Barney's.

Steve Harvey v. B&N Book Boosters

My friend Talisha and I were cruising Barnes & Noble today for Steve Harvey's new book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. We looked it up and had a pretty good idea of where it should be located. When we couldn't find it in either the relationship or self-help departments, we asked a sales associate where we could find it, thinking she would direct us towards a display. But instead, she said that we could find it behind the checkout counter. **Blank Stare**. Since when are books behind checkout? So of course--as Talisha and I stand there confused--the woman chimes in, "Yeah, people were stealing it so we had to put it there." Gotdamn. Now I'm going to suppose that the culprits are of my hue, so this is one of those situations were WE are going to have to do better. If you see homie on the train selling a copy of Steve's book, slap that negro upside the head. This foolishness is unacceptable!

Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness at Slate/ Bowery Poetry Club

Last night I hit up Kristen Carter's JazziDreamer Entertainment March Madness rendezvous at Slate. I chatted it up with Marielle Bobo, senior fashion editor at Okay, S. Tia Brown, senior editor at In Touch Weekly, and a group of fab ladies. Seems Brooklyn Tech has some heavy media swag. (And Howard does, too, but clearly we know this.)

Even though my team, Binghamton University, couldn't beat Duke's Blue Devils, it was the Bearcats' first appearance in the NCAA tournament, so the school, SUNY and New York has something to be proud of.
Afterwards I met up with my girls, and Mars, at the Bowery Poetry Club. The jam-packed venue was definitely feeling the slew of fiery spoken word artists who took the stage. I didn't follow every metaphorical articulation (some pieces were undeniably privileged and would have been appropriate in a more intimate setting), but I loved the poem about (I didn't say it) "Chris Brown's triflin' ass." Yeah...

P.S. Friend's please email me your pictures; my camera's in the graveyard and I'm dying here.

Where is Lindz?

LaLohan is covering this month's Nylon. The cover shot demonstrates that Lindz still has some swagger to tote; the rebel, post-adolescent grunge--I get it. But the inside pics--where is the rest of Lindsay? She looks like a genie coming out of a hash pipe. Her bodysuit or leotard whatever that is covering her fire-crotch looks like an old pair of bloomers. I say, let's let Lady Gaga handle the no pants thing. Oh, and smoking is NOT cool.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's

I'm not Irish or whatever, but I do have freckles. Hopefully that gives me a little cred for wanting to be drunk and merry all through the night. Two years ago I was in Ireland--wanna talk about a Eurotrip! I won't get into it. Anyway, Happy St.PD!

Model Mayhem

I went to the Top Model 13 auditions on Saturday (no, not to apply--I keep it real with myself), and it was sheer madness. Actually, I'm not even referring to the media reports; I'm talking about the unsaid madness: the crazy wannabe models who really think they have a chance of making it on Top Model. And this isn't the first time I've observed a Top Model casting. Last time was bad, but this time every ghetto Philly project chic with broke down nails, a cheap lacefront and about 20lbs to lose came for a tryout. Like, who are you kidding? Did not a soul tell you your ish was not fabulous? Team Staten Island/Long Island/New Jersey tackiness was in full effect as well. From all angles this was just tragic. The girls who were fab (Faith, and the model I met the other day whose name I forgot)...I'm sorry you had to stand on line for this. At anyrate, check out this link for footage of the line and peep the Eric von Lockhart card.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blame it on the mango alcohol

Last night I hit up the Paper Magazine X Absolut Mango event. I had a great time, and ran into a million people, including a friend from London I lost touch with (hi Mutsa). The bonus was the lady on site making mangos on a stick, fresh to coat in a layer of paprika or salt. Yummy! Now if only the bartenders could have made the drinks faster I really would have enjoyed myself because the spicy drink with the jalapenos was delish. Anyway, I also chatted it up with Jerome of Life in the Fab Lane fame. For those who didn't watch the show, he was the primary designer/underling/indentured servant to Kimora, Aoki and Ming. Anyway, homie said he is "free!" (with a snap and a "praise Jesus") and is now a trend forecaster. Free at last! Special shout outs to Natalie, Nicole, Darren, Chris and Zandile.

Brooke Parkhurst is a cool one

So also on Wednesday I went to an awesome Ed2010 Book Club event with blogger/author extraordinaire, and soon-to-be mommy, Brooke Parkhurst. Brooke was so sweet and southern. She gave some good advice, too: Luck doesn't fall out of trees and hit you like a coconut--you gotta make luck happen. Agreed. Check out her book Belle in the Big Apple. It's sure to be as enjoyable as she is.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Dream Album Release Party

The Dream celebrated his album release party at the Hiro Ballroom in the Maritime Hotel last night. I'm really not trying to turn this into the Harlem Heights blog, but the whole cast was up in there. Brooke, Ashlie and Briana walked in together, so I'll assume that whatever beef Brooke and Ashlie have has been squashed (or never existed in the first place). And someone plleeeasssee tell me the purpose of the Retro Kidz? Like what do they do other than profile at every release/birthday/listening party? But I've never been a hater of self promotion. Do whatcha gotta do, right?

Monday, March 09, 2009

Essence April 2009 v. Glamour September 2007


Zac Efron v. David Hasselhoff

Come on, tell me you see it! 80s stud v. 80s baby. I see father and son.

Jennifer Hudson - If This Isn't Love

JHud has come a long way. She's looking AMAZING in this video.

Michelle Covers: Vogue v. Oprah

For once Oprah shares her cover, and of course it's with Michelle Obama. I'm loving Lady O's Michael Kors ensemble. And Oprah looks pretty. Praise Spring!

Now this Vogue's alright, but the inside shots are much lovelier. Annie, really?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Thoughts on Harlem Heights

So I watched Harlem Heights last night and I'm somewhat impressed--for a BET production anyway. Though the show is more likable than most reality fare, so far, it seems to be missing that ingredient to make me come back the following week. The contrived (and likely scripted) grudge between Ashlie and Brooke, for example, is reminiscent of my Spice Girl days, when my sixth grade frenemy decided to sit at a different lunch table, resulting in a two-week standoff. I expect more than such frivolousness from a cast of distinguished twentysomethings. The superficiality of the females is disheartening and uncharacteristic of young black women leading NYC social life. While the men on the show are starting non-profits and contemplating a political future, the women shop and fixate on who likes who and riffs which occurred years back. Brooke, an intelligent, well educated, gorgeous young woman, appears to relish in the fact that she's Kanye West's ex girl (peep her Vibe Vixen spread a few years back which proves my point), a fact that dilutes her prowess as a notable up-and-comer in her own right. I'll be tuning in again, and hope that the storylines begin to crack the surface of this potentially poignant series. And if not, I'll be downtown at The City, which airs during the same time slot.

Now....other thoughts relating to this show: I was definitely at Providence with my girls on election night, and half the people I know were in Harlem watching the election at the State Building jumbotron. Wish I saw someone shooting so I could get my shine on, lol.

And the BET events dept. needs to get their act together. After playing my friends and me on the RSVP for the Harlem Heights screening at the Apollo, someone decided to confirm everyone, probably fearing numerous no-shows from the terrible weather. Well what do ya know, Harlem showed up and then BET reps were trying to front on THEIR CONFIRMATIONS! Ladies and gents, that is NEVER proper protocol. You NEVER confirm people and then play them after they've made their way to an event in the deep freeze of winter--the coldest day of the freggin season at that. I wish a trick would have given me the blank stare as I waved my confirmation in her face. I really wish, 'cause I'm not even the aggressive type, but that ish was just reckless.
Oh, and lets all check for product placements in the next episode. If all else fails, that much should be fun.

Monday, March 02, 2009

"Wha'd up, my president?" sure beats the n-word

Check out this segment from NY1 on FunnyorDie. Apparently kids (and grown men) have replaced the n-word with president. Change we need, indeed.

Harlem Heights-- Tonight

I really shouldn't be giving this show free publicity since its PR folk want to play me and my friends on the screening tonight [salty grimace], but anyway, don't forget to catch the Harlem Heights premiere tonight at 10:00 p.m. on BET. It looks like my life in four years--and maybe right now. Half the cast went to SpelHouse or Howard. Interesting. And I swear I saw dude Christian Grant-Fields at the Three Kings party Saturday night, but I won't put money on that. Check out cast profiles on Black Voices. I'll give my two cents after I watch the show, so check back.