Sunday, March 22, 2009

Steve Harvey v. B&N Book Boosters

My friend Talisha and I were cruising Barnes & Noble today for Steve Harvey's new book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. We looked it up and had a pretty good idea of where it should be located. When we couldn't find it in either the relationship or self-help departments, we asked a sales associate where we could find it, thinking she would direct us towards a display. But instead, she said that we could find it behind the checkout counter. **Blank Stare**. Since when are books behind checkout? So of course--as Talisha and I stand there confused--the woman chimes in, "Yeah, people were stealing it so we had to put it there." Gotdamn. Now I'm going to suppose that the culprits are of my hue, so this is one of those situations were WE are going to have to do better. If you see homie on the train selling a copy of Steve's book, slap that negro upside the head. This foolishness is unacceptable!

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Tolu said...

Wow that's really serious. I heard the book is really good.