Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Heart Miley Cyrus

Don't act like you've never seen an episode of Disney's "Hannah Montana." Well, if you haven't, ask your little sister about it. Miley is so cute and sweet. She kind of exudes this maturity I first saw in JoJo. Recently she's been stepping up her style game. I know she took flack for dressing too grown at the Grammys, but I liked the look. Screw the fashion police. Extensions are in!

Aww, Mimi's trying to be lil Posh. Still got a few years to perfect that pout. Loves the Celine dress.

At the Oscars in the color of the night: Red.

Old Navy Steps it Up

Old Navy's clothes are usually pretty boring, inciting feelings of American Pie nostalgia (you know, when khaki, a striped shirt and All American was the epitome of cool). To me, the last exciting item Old Navy produced was performance fleece (read: felt), and that was in 1998! But fear not you Old Navy lovers, the chain is stepping it up with the new Urban Explorer line. Check out these hot choices.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Riri Cosmo Cover

Okay, it's like Rihanna day over here. Sorry, but she's everywhere, so I can't help but report on her. Riri is on the cover of Cosmo this month. Please go out and buy a copy. Outside of Beyonce (who has never been on the cover of Vogue), Halle B., and Queen Latifah, black chicks rarely get mainstream covers. So buy that copy. It's a good issue, too.

Usually Good...but not Last Night

Me no likey.

Rihanna Robbed!

I'm sorry, but "Umbrella" was the song of 2007 and RiRi should have took home Record of the Year or Song of the Year. F*** a cracked out Amy Winehouse. I agree with the Best New Artist win, but song of the year? No way! And "Rehab" came out wayyy long ago in Europe. But, Rihanna will be alive next year and Amy, well, only time will tell. So I guess it's iight to give homegirl a trophy.

Amy Winehouse shocked, speechless- wins Grammy for REHAB!

This is why crack is wack! I don't really have much else to say.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Laurielicious--or NOT!

Ms. Boom Boom Kack got her Fergie on in this sad attempt at popstardom. Now she see's what it's like to be the center of public scrutiny. I wonder what Da Band people have to say about her? Don't quit your day job, homie.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I make it rain on dem..

So RiRi's long awaited umbrella line has arrived. I expected the designs to be more creative. Maybe the umbrella has special powers? Keeps weave and makeup in place in severe weather conditions? Acts as a shield when uninvited men attack your personal space? Hey, I can't blame Rihanna for tryna make a buck with this endorsement, but don't expect to see me toting one of these around.

Mitt Romney v. Matt Dillion

Y'all know I love look alikes. Here's today's special: Republican-'bout-to-be-out-the-race-but-still-tryin-candidtate Mitt Romney versus everyone's favorite Outsider, Matt Dillion.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tom Brady v. Dexter

I first saw this on kylesmithonline.com, but seriously, Tom Brady and Dexter, the main character on Showtime's "Dexter," could be brothers.

New York Giants: We Da Best!!!!

Not that I go hard on football, but the Superbowl game was awesome. Good job Tyree, Manning, Tuck and whoever else played an intergral role in New York's win. Too bad I won't be in town for Tuesday's parade.

Seperated at Birth?

Fantasia and Maya Angelou...yeah.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

John Legand comes to Spelman and disappoints

Johnny boy came to Spelman to promote Barack Obama. Seemed everyone thought he was going to perform. Instead we got an acapella verse of "Ordinary People." Boo.

But how random that he asked my friend and I for directions, 22-year-old exotic model girlfriend in tow. She's cute tho, but I'm still hating.

This dress has got to go

The first time I saw this dress was during the summer on a model at
the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta. I soon saw this
dress in just about every other hip hop video. It's a hot look but
when you and half your click are sporting the same outfit?! Not so much. Leave this dress in '07.

Freakum Suit On

Maybe Fantasia goes by Fantasy on the weekends? For all of you familiar with West Coast Productions, doesn't this look like a forthcoming scene? I swear Brian Pumper is going to jump out from behind those bushes.

Who's the new Bonnie and Clyde?

Don't these fools look like Jay-Z and Beyonce?

I think Omarion is seriously channeling his inner B. Watch ya girl, Bow Wow.

Chris Brown and Bow Wow concert, sort of...

January recap (pt. 2)

So I caught the Bow Wow and Chris Brown (read: Chris Brown) concert at Madison Square Garden Jan. 17. This marks the umpteenth urban teen tour I've seen in my 21 years on this planet, counting Scream tours 1-758. I thought Chrissy and Bow were both headliners but by the looks of things, this show was EXCLUSIVEly for Chris Brown. Bow Wow didn't even have a full set! Big departure from his previous tours where he had all sorts of pyrotechnics, dancers, and was even suspended in midair for a portion of his set. I could not find one fan with a Bow Wow shirt on, and I looked hard; this concert was all about C. Brizzle. Looks like 20 is old these days.

Snug fit there Chrissy. I know his package must be hurtin'. Homie, that ain't healthy.

50 Cent, Omarion and Diddy made guest appearances. Lil Mama, Soulja Boy and Sean Kingston were also on the bill. Can't say I appreciated Omarion's skinny jeans. Contrary to what he said in the December 2007 issue of Vibe , I really don't think they do much to accentuate his shape. Does he have womanly curves or something? Eww.

I also didn't appeciate Soulja Boy getting his under aged freak on on the stage. Don't these people know the audience is made up of thirteen year-olds? Why do I have to come out and be somebody's mama?

(pardon this poor picture...check the youtube link)
Randomness: Why did the chick sitting next to me at the concert pull out her cell phone and show me a picture of her flaming back up dancer boyfriend. She was like, "My boyfriend is a dancer for Lil Mama. He got me these tickets." I was like, "Who are you?" Seriously man, don't come at me (or anyone else) with that nonsense. Unless homegirl was giving me an invite backstage, what was she talking to me for?

The Color Purple Recap

Thoughts on Janaury (pt. 1)

Since I didn't make any posts last month, I'm going to run through the few things that stuck out during the dry spell.

So Fantasia rapped her performance as Celie in the Broadway adaptation of "The Color Purple." I couldn't get rush tickets (the real reason all those people wait on line at 6am--tickets available for $25), but I did catch Fantasia acting the plum fool during her closing bow. Someone tell me why she was doing the "Crank That (Superman)"? I guess someone forgot to tell Ms. Barrino that she was on *sigh* Broadway. Some people never learn. I won't even get into her performance. Her version of Celie had down syndrom; I couldn't understand a word she said.


I won't even get into the 50 missed shows. B'way is tough stuff.

Speaking of which, Soulja Boy, look what you have done to white America?


Alright, so I took a little break from the blog. Sorry 'bout that. Since so many people asked me when I was going to start putting up some posts, I realized I had something good going here. So yeah, I'm back. Holla atcha girl!