Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Color Purple Recap

Thoughts on Janaury (pt. 1)

Since I didn't make any posts last month, I'm going to run through the few things that stuck out during the dry spell.

So Fantasia rapped her performance as Celie in the Broadway adaptation of "The Color Purple." I couldn't get rush tickets (the real reason all those people wait on line at 6am--tickets available for $25), but I did catch Fantasia acting the plum fool during her closing bow. Someone tell me why she was doing the "Crank That (Superman)"? I guess someone forgot to tell Ms. Barrino that she was on *sigh* Broadway. Some people never learn. I won't even get into her performance. Her version of Celie had down syndrom; I couldn't understand a word she said.


I won't even get into the 50 missed shows. B'way is tough stuff.

Speaking of which, Soulja Boy, look what you have done to white America?

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