Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Thoughts on Harlem Heights

So I watched Harlem Heights last night and I'm somewhat impressed--for a BET production anyway. Though the show is more likable than most reality fare, so far, it seems to be missing that ingredient to make me come back the following week. The contrived (and likely scripted) grudge between Ashlie and Brooke, for example, is reminiscent of my Spice Girl days, when my sixth grade frenemy decided to sit at a different lunch table, resulting in a two-week standoff. I expect more than such frivolousness from a cast of distinguished twentysomethings. The superficiality of the females is disheartening and uncharacteristic of young black women leading NYC social life. While the men on the show are starting non-profits and contemplating a political future, the women shop and fixate on who likes who and riffs which occurred years back. Brooke, an intelligent, well educated, gorgeous young woman, appears to relish in the fact that she's Kanye West's ex girl (peep her Vibe Vixen spread a few years back which proves my point), a fact that dilutes her prowess as a notable up-and-comer in her own right. I'll be tuning in again, and hope that the storylines begin to crack the surface of this potentially poignant series. And if not, I'll be downtown at The City, which airs during the same time slot.

Now....other thoughts relating to this show: I was definitely at Providence with my girls on election night, and half the people I know were in Harlem watching the election at the State Building jumbotron. Wish I saw someone shooting so I could get my shine on, lol.

And the BET events dept. needs to get their act together. After playing my friends and me on the RSVP for the Harlem Heights screening at the Apollo, someone decided to confirm everyone, probably fearing numerous no-shows from the terrible weather. Well what do ya know, Harlem showed up and then BET reps were trying to front on THEIR CONFIRMATIONS! Ladies and gents, that is NEVER proper protocol. You NEVER confirm people and then play them after they've made their way to an event in the deep freeze of winter--the coldest day of the freggin season at that. I wish a trick would have given me the blank stare as I waved my confirmation in her face. I really wish, 'cause I'm not even the aggressive type, but that ish was just reckless.
Oh, and lets all check for product placements in the next episode. If all else fails, that much should be fun.


M Dot said...

LOL...Same here.

Renita said...

meh.... i'm trying to get into it. idk