Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Model Mayhem

I went to the Top Model 13 auditions on Saturday (no, not to apply--I keep it real with myself), and it was sheer madness. Actually, I'm not even referring to the media reports; I'm talking about the unsaid madness: the crazy wannabe models who really think they have a chance of making it on Top Model. And this isn't the first time I've observed a Top Model casting. Last time was bad, but this time every ghetto Philly project chic with broke down nails, a cheap lacefront and about 20lbs to lose came for a tryout. Like, who are you kidding? Did not a soul tell you your ish was not fabulous? Team Staten Island/Long Island/New Jersey tackiness was in full effect as well. From all angles this was just tragic. The girls who were fab (Faith, and the model I met the other day whose name I forgot)...I'm sorry you had to stand on line for this. At anyrate, check out this link for footage of the line and peep the Eric von Lockhart card.

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