Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness at Slate/ Bowery Poetry Club

Last night I hit up Kristen Carter's JazziDreamer Entertainment March Madness rendezvous at Slate. I chatted it up with Marielle Bobo, senior fashion editor at Okay, S. Tia Brown, senior editor at In Touch Weekly, and a group of fab ladies. Seems Brooklyn Tech has some heavy media swag. (And Howard does, too, but clearly we know this.)

Even though my team, Binghamton University, couldn't beat Duke's Blue Devils, it was the Bearcats' first appearance in the NCAA tournament, so the school, SUNY and New York has something to be proud of.
Afterwards I met up with my girls, and Mars, at the Bowery Poetry Club. The jam-packed venue was definitely feeling the slew of fiery spoken word artists who took the stage. I didn't follow every metaphorical articulation (some pieces were undeniably privileged and would have been appropriate in a more intimate setting), but I loved the poem about (I didn't say it) "Chris Brown's triflin' ass." Yeah...

P.S. Friend's please email me your pictures; my camera's in the graveyard and I'm dying here.

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