Friday, March 13, 2009

Blame it on the mango alcohol

Last night I hit up the Paper Magazine X Absolut Mango event. I had a great time, and ran into a million people, including a friend from London I lost touch with (hi Mutsa). The bonus was the lady on site making mangos on a stick, fresh to coat in a layer of paprika or salt. Yummy! Now if only the bartenders could have made the drinks faster I really would have enjoyed myself because the spicy drink with the jalapenos was delish. Anyway, I also chatted it up with Jerome of Life in the Fab Lane fame. For those who didn't watch the show, he was the primary designer/underling/indentured servant to Kimora, Aoki and Ming. Anyway, homie said he is "free!" (with a snap and a "praise Jesus") and is now a trend forecaster. Free at last! Special shout outs to Natalie, Nicole, Darren, Chris and Zandile.

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