Monday, October 29, 2007

A Brief Homecoming Recap

So...I've been quite the busy bee over the past few weeks. Homecoming, PRSSA, HU, NY. Somewhere this month I am going to manage to do some school work. It's crunch time. Anyhoo, SpelHouse homecoming was cool. Special shout outs to all my girls on P.U.L.S.E., the campus organization that puts together homecoming on Spelmans end. Word is J.Holiday killed it at the R&B concert. Altough Weezy's performance was up to standard, he took way too long to come out. The fashion show/concert mélange was not a good look. I thought his performance would be during the fashion show, not after. And the underfilled audience proved that ain't nobody trying to pay 40 Ds to see Wayne and some Cash Money randoms. Somebody else gotta share the bill, too. Other homecoming happenings included a "Tiger Talks" panel featuring Morehouse '96 alum Farnsworth Bentley. Would you believe he was a bio major. Basically he said to work hard for whatever you want. Here's the career it sees Mr. Bentley is working on:



I imagine it won't take him too long to discover that driving around an old white lady has the ultimate benefits. Career checkmate?

Oh, and is he a MIAKA on the low low? I see he got that lean. I'm just sayin.

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