Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not You Rich Boy!

Celebrities are some funny people. Now I know some of y'all want to be friendly with the fans, or think everyone is looking at you, trying to take a picture of you, get at you, et al, but that is not always the case. Case in point: I saw one of my girls from Spelman standing on the other side of the red carpet. Now, I can't get all buck wild and start screaming her name, so I start waving and making faces to grab her attention. Outta nowhere, Rich Boy walks up to me and shakes my hand and was like, "You wavin' at me?" I was like, "Uhh, no, ummm, I was waving at my friend over there." He looked real dumb. Lol. Not to mention, his credentials or something wasn't straight so he wound up standing next to the red carpet for a good 20 minutes before he could get in. Funny times. It's okay, Rich Boy. It's okay.

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