Monday, October 08, 2007

Black and White Look Alikes!!!

I know it’s hard for some of y’all to see past the color lines, but these chicks really do look alike. Take a close look.

Star Jones v. Nicole Richie

Surely no twenty-something knocked up former drug addict Richie rich (literally) girl wants to be compared to [gasp] Star Jones (who I, by the way, think is awesome). But let’s face it, somebody resembles somebody and the likeness should be noted. Now, we know Richie’s passing black arse ain’t really anglo, but for the sake of the black/white comparison, we’ll let her be that Caucasianite she longs to be.

Similar facial features.

Both love the pups.

Both cuddle with their boos (current or former).

Both look odd in bathing attire.

The cheek bones, the eyes…the face. Star’s had had a little more wear and tear over the years, and after deflating by oh, 1,000 pounds, ish got a little loose. But post baby, Rich might catch up.
Question: If NicRich's baby’s hair has even the slightest bit of nap, ya think she'll will give it a relaxer? Just a thought.

Linger in all your high yellowness Ms. Rich, us black folk can smell you from a mile away.
I'm just saying.
On to our are next twosome.
Thandie Newton v. Mischa Barf-ton

Both these ladies are ridiculously attractive, although one of them I can't stand and for deep, long-standing, thinking back to first grade reasons. But anyway, chicks do look alike.

Killer red carpet looks.

Both could stand to eat a thing or two.

Both have great hair.
Let me know if you think of anyone else.


CJ said...

You and Nicole Richie both forget something very important . . . She IS NOT WHITE!!!!!!!!

Renita said...

omg your so dead on with these comparisons

ash said...

lol...i dont know if we'll think of anymore. you hit the spot.