Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't Front on the One Piece

This post is in response to someone who tried to play me for wearing a one piece bathing suit during spring break. The thing is, would it be better to look wale-ish on the beach or look cute, classy, and camouflaged (you know, not reveling that bit of pudge around the midsection that a two-week spring break crash diet is unable to trim)? The answer is obvious. So...I've found some sexy one piece bathing suits/monokinis for you all to enjoy (men and women alike). No, they are not pasties with a patch to place over your stomach, or ridiculous stripper ish with lots of cut outs! (amazing bathing suits!)

Both from

Both from

What I dont ever want to see on the beach...

This on top of a bathing suit! "Make Ya Mama Proud Take That Thing TWo Sizes Down!"

(who else has a vision of a plus-sized 10-year-old at the YMCA or fresh air fund camp...with one too many beads in her hair.)

And if you should be so awful as to wear this to the beach or the pool, please remove your white tee and pants before you get in the water. I'm so serious right now. There is no excuse. Has anyone been on a Carnival Cruise? You know what I am talking about if you have.

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