Monday, March 17, 2008

Sisi Loves Da Kids

Those who know me know I have a penchant for the kiddies, boys 12-17 preferred (joking?). But don't get it twisted, I'm not on the Neverland jail trolley with Michael Jackson, I just think the little homies are cute. Lookin' and AINT touchin', ya dig? But anyhoo, here's a list of the babies whose 18th b-days I'm looking forward to:

Soulja Boy
DOB: July 28, 1990

DeAndre Ramone Way is a nasty little boy and is probably responsible for thousands of teenage pregnancies. I'm not saying his lyrics or on-stage antics are okay--they're not--but the Boy is kinda cute. I feel his business swagger and use of multimedia to market and package himself. Now...ask me in July what I think of Soulja Boy and I might give you a more explicit response.

Bryan Breeding
DOB: October 14, 1994

(BTW this is him like two years ago. There's a lot of growing in that time frame for a pre-adolescent.)
Most of B5 is cute, but they all look alike it's kinda disturbing; there's no variety like with B2K. Like, the only one you're allowed to like is the one your age, so technically I suppose my B5 crush should be Dustin, who's the oldest and still a few months my Jr. But bump all that, I like Bryan, the youngest freckle faced cutie of the bunch. Yeah, he's 13, but I'd let him get a peck on the cheek. I hope these fast little girls aren't molesting his young self. Esh!

Corde "Spank" Dogg/Broadus
DOB: May 2, 1994

(to the left)

I first thought kid was cute in the "Drop It Like It's Hot" video and now after watching "Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood" the feeling is confirmed. Even the braces are cute. And he plays football. And he's kinda shy. Nice.


CJ said...


Now, Im all for a younger boo, but 1994?

Wow Sisi, just wow . . .

JH said...

I'm feelin CJ's comment -- 1994 is extremely young ... considering my lil brother was born in 1990 ... but lowkey, Corde is gonna be gosh darn handsome when he grows up!!! Lol