Thursday, March 20, 2008

[Girl Stuff] Reason #1 To Visit London: Shopping of Course!


I studied abroad in London last year and came back with more clothes and shoes than I knew what to do with. As a result, while in London, I didn't have very much money to eat--the pound is a killer! But who cares when you come home with exclusive stuff no one else has, right?

But now you too can shop the London look at, which features international shipping. Now if only New Look, Office, Miss Selfridge, Oasis, Primark and every other High Street clothing store could jump on the bandwagon!

Also, and somewhat disappointingly, Topshop will be opening its first international flagship store in New York (Soho area) this fall. Not sure how I feel about the move (i.e. people having my clothes).

Photo (right): People waiting in line last year to snag Kate Moss' Topshop collection (available at Barney's in the states). Yeah...I skipped that!

BTW: British clothing and shoe sizes run differently and tend to have a better fit. Click here for conversions.

Links provided! All items purchasable at

(My fav) Large Zip Top Bow Clutch Button Detail Tunic

(My fav) Leaping Leopard Ring (My fav) Chain Inlay Plastic Ring

Barber Stripe Ruffle Blouse Zig Zag Ikat Skirt

Schoolboy Blazer Boucle Bow Front Jacket

Frill Platform High Shoe Premium High Shoe Boot

Zip Front Print Dress Linen bib dress

Dip Dye Trench Coat Crossover Platform

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