Sunday, March 23, 2008

Potential Black Friends for Zoe Kravitz


I love Zoe Kravitz, but I always see her hanging out with Rumer Willis or bf Ben Foster. I say we add some color to the NOW! Here are some prospects for Zo Zo's hot chocolate buddies:

Keisha Whitaker's daughter, Autumn

Just like Zoe, Autumn is a Hollywood glamour girl (by default thanks to Mama K) with famous parents. Surely step-dad Forest can support those Fred Segal shopping trips and lunch at The Ivy so they can have all the girly fun they want.

Gerren Taylor

Teen Model Queen Gerren Taylor has already had campaigns with Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger. Although she made the unforgivable misstep of appearing on BET's wackness of a show "Baldwin Hills," and seeming as if she wants to be a typical 18-year-old, she still knows all of the right people. Though Chanel Iman has kinda taken her spot, she can still make a starring come back. And she's pretty, which is certainly a requirement to be Zoe's black friend.

Jurnee Smollett

Jurnee Smollett has resurfaced as of recent, thanks to her role in "The Great Debaters." She's stylish, elegant and talented; a great companion for Ms. Kravitz. She's been sorta famous since she was a little kid, and hopefully she sent MK and Ashley Christmas card since '93 so they remember her from those "Full House" days. Not to mention, the creole "Eve's Bayou" hair I'm sure will give her extra points with Zo Zo. They can like, discuss how they can wash-n-go and none of their other black friends can.

Evan Jackson, I mean, Ross
From what I hear, Evan is quite the ladies man in Hollytown. That said, it wouldn't hurt to have him in the friend arsenal. Famous mom...trying to do his own thing...interesting kid (I haven't decided if that's a good or bad thing)...yeah, he fits the bill.

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Blakelymarie said...

Whoever said you weren't a caring person? Look at you... trying to find her Black friends... Your so sweet LOL... What about Chanel Iman??? Oh and whatever happend to KLyla Pratt?