Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Indashio and Fashion Indie...and back to Indashio

Okay, so I am going to do a weekend review (it's Tuesday, I kno...but whatever). On Friday I attended Indashio's (Glam God) Five Years in Fashion Fall 2009 Show at the Samsung Experience store in the Time Warner Center with my Spelman sister, Christian McKenzie. The event space was innovative, but there were only two rows of chairs to accommodate the 200+ attendees. Not a very good look. I immediately took someone's seat and started reading WWD with a look on my face that said, "I dare you to say something to me." I definitely had my cute (read: uncomfortable) shoes on and had no intention of standing. I won't get into the rest of the mess--like Indashio's people, who were acting all kinds of ghettolicious at the entrance, or the wristband confusion...or the "models" wearing the sponsor's bedazzled wifebeaters and seated in the front row. The worst of it was that there were hardly no clothes on the models, just pasties, thongs and body paint. I get that some of the paint jobs were emulating his more popular pieces over the years, but really, a fashion show typically invites more than a handful of clothing. If someone begs to differ, please hit me up directly. Still, Indashio must have a spectacular publicist because this show looked worse than a freshman debut at a third tier HBCU, but managed to attract an array of media folk. I hear Richie Rich was there and Terri Steven (Project Runway 5) sat two seats from me. She did not look impressed.

After that I headed to the Fashion Indie closing party at Citrine. Fashion Indie was supposed to hold their own week during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but a disparaging article in the New York Observer--and a resulting lawsuit--put the breaks on that. Nevertheless, Daniel Saynt, President of Indie Fashion Week (and otherwise gorgeous guy), put together a well attended and swanky affair; an excellent way to tell the NYO to kiss it. The event was co-sponsored by Pop Beauty, so I took home some great lip gloss and a glitter stick. I stayed there for a few hours before heading to the Indashio after party at The Dream Hotel...where I stayed with bestie Talisha for about half an our. I'll upload some pics when I come back. gtg!

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