Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Desiree Rogers v. Terri Vaughn

Desiree Rogers, the new White House Social Secretary, and all around socialite/business woman, has hit it big time. She's been seen all about NYC, sitting next to Anna Wintour at Thakoon, Carolina Herrera and Donna Karan. Some blogs were fuming about her wardrobe repeats, but I think she's fab all around. Now if only I'd taken a picture with her when I sat next to her at an event at Spelman last year. ***Sigh*** I stare at her business card on the regular.

....Oh, but doesn't she bare a striking resemblance to Terri Vaughn? If you can shake the Lovita Alizay Jenkins-Robinson vision, the physical similarities should be obvious. So don't none of y'all hit me up with the "how dare you compare them" emails/posts.


taffy said...

They do look very much alike. Both beautiful, smart black women.

The Editor said...

I just love black women. Look at what a stiff Anna looks. Desiree is amazing, too bad what happened in DC, but she already moved on to bigger fish. Very inspiring career.