Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lady GaGa vs. Cellulitous...Yikes!

I love love love Lady GaGa, and sooo want to be her bestie, but if we've learned anything from curvalicious 'Yonce, it's that a good pair of tights does wonders on stage, fo real. And GaGa could have used them earlier this month when she performed at Z100's annual Madiosn Square Garden fĂȘte, Jingle Ball. Cellulite isn't really curable, but it's disguisable.


Denia Ray said...

SO true ;)

Alicia!3 said...

omg...i LOVE lady gaga soooo much!!! i wish i could meet her cuz im like 1 of her biggest fans!!! i just love her!!! :) :D