Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm back (again)

I was going to restart my blog in the new year, but seriously, how often do we make New Years Resolutions and break them by mid-January? I don't want to do that...again. So since I have the urge to reinitiate ATB today, I'm doing it now.

This weekend I attended a fab (or shall I say well-liquored) dinner with some other NYC bloggers. Boca Chica is def. one of my favorite eats and we definitely had a good time. Hopefully the people sitting next to us didn't mind all the joviality, 'cause we got down! Big ups to Ebonne
for putting it all together.

Yes, a cute clique indeed.

Charreah, Ebonne and Me

Thanks for the drinks, Daniel. (Yes, I'm that kind of girl.)

For more pics, and hilarious commentary, check out:

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Eb the Celeb said...

lol... thx so much for coming out girlie... we had a great time... and yeah that fake lady that said she was the owner was about to get cussed out for telling us to; but all in all it was a good time... I wish ya'll had came for the happy hour portion so that I hadnt had so many more drinks then the rest of