Monday, December 22, 2008

Kira Plastinina-poo Closing

This is really ironic because a few days ago I was searching the net to find out how [poor] sales have been for U.S. Kira Plastinina stores. Everytime I'd pass the poorly shopped 34th street location I'd wonder just how much longer this store could go on. And what do you know?! 10 out of the 12 Plastic-poo U.S. stores are closing their doors over the next two weeks. It's about time. Lil Kira has been paying celebs (and maybe Teen Vogue, too) to make her brand seem cool, but no amount of celebuspawn endorsements could save this tacky seven-years behind fashion faux pas from retail destruction. Happy Christmas/Boxing Day, Plastic-poo! Having a Russian billionaire pops might get you the store, Kira, but that doesn't mean your designs are cut out for the U.S. Have fun in Kazakhstan. Haha!

Please, Paris. Do not act like you were really trying to wear this child's clothing.


Oh, in case you're not familiar with Plastinina's clothes (you lucky son of a guns) here's a few items from Kira's website, which are all now 75% off.


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