Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is Maddox the Next Snipper?

Hopfully I'm not the only person disturbed by Angelina Jolie's gun shaped necklace, designed by her eldest son, Maddox. She wore the piece in a recent Entertainment Weekly spread, where she states:

''Mad, our 6-year-old, draws lots of war scenarios,'' she explains. ''He's all into war and guns. So for Mother's Day he drew a machine gun, and Brad had it made into a necklace, which is really sweet. It's really cute. I think it's really good!''

Hmmm....really good for Maddox would be if her drew her a map of the world, seeing as his 6-year-old self has visited damn near all of it. When I see Maddox on the 10 o'clock news for shootin' up Brentwood, I won't be surprised.

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